The KaiAds SDK&SSP

The first advertisement SDK and SSP designed from the ground up for smart feature phones

Reach 150 million users

KaiAds is the first advertisement software development kit (SDK) and supply-side platform (SSP) designed specifically for smart feature phones. KaiAds allows you to bring your content to over 150 million KaiOS users in over 150 countries, most of whom are first time internet users in emerging markets.

Hassle-free integration

The KaiAds SDK allows you to easily integrate advertising into your product. No need to worry about porting or optimizing an alternative mobile ads SDK for the lower technical specs of a KaiOS-powered smart feature phone.

Display ads in 200ms or less

The KaiAds SDK passes ad requests directly to the KaiSSP service, which augments the requests and passes them on to the relevant ad partner through OpenRTB 2.X or purpose-built API integrations. The SDK has access to the underlying operating system and can therefore be optimized in a way that is not possible for other third-party SDKs.